Nathan Griffith Arrested: New Details Surface About His Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Nathan Griffith Arrested: New Details Surface About His Disorderly Conduct Arrest

Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith tried to sound like the mature adult during the Teen Mom 2 reunion that aired last night on MTV. He kept putting Jenelle Evans down during the reunion special, saying that he didn’t want to date her because she had gained weight. He also tried to come off as someone who had his life together and he called out Jenelle for her previous drug use. But now, Griffith is trending because he got arrested. And new details are surfacing about this arrest. 

According to a new report, Nathan Griffith was arrested around 5:30 p.m ET on Saturday, June 11, on the city’s main boardwalk. It is possible that the city is Myrtle Beach, where he has been spending some time. He was initially arrested for disorderly conduct, but was also charged with resisting arrest, which is a misdemeanor.

But it doesn’t sound like the arrest had anything to do with Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend. Jessica Henry bailed him out for $469 and $262 — one bond per charge — and he is due in court this week to face the charges. He’s also headed back to court later this month for driving without a license and registration.

It sounds like he’s back home, but he isn’t the spotless example of an adult that doesn’t make mistakes. In fact, he was just arrested a few months ago in February for larceny. It was Jenelle herself who accused her of stealing some items from her car while she was vacationing in Miami. And it sounds like he was very guilty of this, as he turned himself in a few weeks later to get his punishment for what he had done.

What do you think of Nathan Griffith’s recent arrest? Do you think he was too quick to judge Jenelle for her decisions?

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